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Midwest media consultants

We enjoy making businesses, artists and organizations more successful by providing videography, consulting, marketing, web design and event production services.

Air studio

Green screen, teleprompter, microphones — our studio is perfect for recording podcasts and commercials.

Event streaming

We have the mobile equipment and experience to stream your event to any popular streaming service like Facebook Live, Twitch or YouTube.

Sound reinforcement

Our mobile PA can handle sound requirements for small to medium shows.

Business services

Video solutions for any business or organization.


Educational to promotional, tell your story in ways only video can.


Stream and record seminars, banquets, ceremonies and more.

Real estate

Modern marketing of real property often requires video and often needs aerial footage.


Promote your events with video on social media.

Community events

Capture what’s happening in the community.

Company promotion

When your business is uncommon or hard to understand, use video to show you working.

Next-level Drone videos

We have more than eight years of flying experience and our footage has helped real estate sell, businesses conduct research and measurements, companies promote themselves and non-profits raise attendance at their events.

Music production

Music videos are our passion.

Studio videos

You’re recording anyway, why not capture it on video?

On-site videos

Take a day and record your song in an environment of your choosing.

Live recordings

Don’t settle for a phone on a tripod. Leverage board audio and multiple camera angles for a professional live video.

Multiple styles available

We handle any style of music, and the artist can have as much or as little involvement in the creative choices as desired.


Promote your upcoming live show.


Build your social media following by showing videos of single parts of songs.